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Jools Hamilton

Chaplain to Trinity College Dublin. Co–Founder The Good Summit, Founder Youthspirit.

‘Jools’ – ‘Rev Dr Julian Hamilton’ – is an ordained minister of the Methodist Church in Ireland, currently Chaplain to Trinity College Dublin. Prior to being ordained Jools spent over a decade working with young people. He is a popular conference and retreat speaker/teacher in Ireland, the UK, Europe, America and Australia. With specific interest in transformational/missional leadership, Jools participates in and facilitates workshops & retreats on amongst other things, ‘Adaptive Leadership’ ‘Conversations That Matter’ ‘Creating a Missional Imagination’ and ‘Interfaith Dialogue.’

With an academic interest in the Missional Church Movement, Jools has a passion to see people live in light and love – people filled with purpose, dignity, passion and compassion. With trademark humour and insight Jools draws people toward ‘themselves.’ As founder of Youthspirit – an organisation dedicated to positive transformation – Jools runs the ‘Space to Breathe’ project, connecting young adults from Ireland, Britain, Israel and Palestine. 

Along with his friend Amr Dawood, Jools has founded ‘The Good Summit” as another vehicle to help the conversation of how the world can do things  differently. The Good Summit is an international movement, through events, to re–imagine the conversation around Social Economy and Corporate Responsibility. 

Jools believes there is always more to life than we can see and more that we can be. Reaching and stretching toward ‘the other’ always moves us closer to ourselves, and there is no better place to achieve that than round the table making friends. So pick up a glass …

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