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Bucky Beyer - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Bucky Beyer

Legacy Lego Kid / Future Strategist

Bucky’s passion has always been in exploring and shaping the world of tomorrow. He spent his childhood years growing up in the United States and China where his experience of both Eastern and Western cultures shaped how he views the future. With LEGO as his medium, he worked intensely to create a somewhat yellow and plastic utopian future civilisation.

As a ‘grown up’ Bucky has (reluctantly) moved from building in LEGOs into creating futures in the real world as a Director at Monitor Deloitte Consulting and Ambassador for SingularityU Australia. Over the past decade he has helped business and government discover, design, and deliver their futures. And he has helped these organisations express and deliver their future strategies confidently.

Bucky has found his niche in collaborating with people whose ideas are shaping the world of tomorrow… though his passion still lies in how we build the future, block by block.


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