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Will Mezner - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Watch TGS 2020
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Will Mezner

Lead VGen Facilitator, World Vision Youth Engagement

Will Mezner is passionate about empowering young people to engage powerfully with their world and solve problems that have never been solved before. His passion for ending poverty was sparked in a 2011 trip to East Timor with World Vision, where he saw firsthand the positive impact that development can have on vulnerable communities. 
Since then, he has been an advocate on the issues of refugees, foreign aid, ethical trade, school funding and family violence. With a background in youth empowerment at high schools and universities, Will is currently World Vision Australia’s Youth Engagement Lead and the National Facilitator of the VGen, World Vision’s youth advocacy movement. 
Will has recently moved to Melbourne from his home in Adelaide with his wife Elise, a high school teacher. Will graduated from Flinders University in 2016 with degrees in Law and International Studies.


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