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Peter Bartlett - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Peter Bartlett

Founding Member & Vice–President EARS Incorporated – bringing sustainable and professional audiology services to the two thirds world

As an audiologist and manager, Peter Bartlett is passionate about bringing sustainable and professional audiology services, training, outreach and resources in to communities in various parts of the world which would otherwise have none. As a founding member and Vice President of the Christian aid and development agency EARS Incorporated, Peter and his audiologist wife Rebecca have worked in Malawi, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, the Philippines and India to initiate or continue efforts to improve ear health and hearing rehabilitation in some of the poorest communities on earth. Peter obtained a Science degree and postgraduate qualification in Audiology from the University of Melbourne and has been an audiologist for 25 years. 

Peter also holds a Master of Business Administration from Federation University, in Ballarat where he lives with Rebecca, and their three daughters. From 2010 to 2016, the Bartlett family lived in Lilongwe Malawi, where Peter and Rebecca established the African Bible College Hearing Clinic and Training Centre, the first specialised audiology facility in the country. 

With the support of many others, they also developed and implemented a registered curriculum for a Bachelor of Science in Audiology degree – a first for sub Saharan Africa. Today, there are seven Malawian clinicians continuing to see thousands of patients a year for audiology diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation appointments in the ABC Clinic in Lilongwe, and on outreach projects in partnership with a range of other agencies.Peter will talk about the principles which have guided the development and provision of audiology services, training and outreach through the program in Malawi, with a view to creating a program which is well resourced, evaluated and regarded.

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