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Christina Gerakiteys - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Christina Gerakiteys

CEO at SingularityU Australia Summit


Christina Gerakiteys is a creativity and innovation catalyst. Her purpose is to create a Utopian society by opening hearts and minds to inspire impossible to possible. 
Christina is a sought–after facilitator, speaker, and program designer who creates interactive educational Xperiences driven by design thinking, purpose, engagement, and play.
Christina passionately writes and presents business development and innovation programs and workshops. She writes for several publications and speaks regularly on radio about business development and the crucial roles that creativity and innovation play in success. She is a contributor to the award–winning Front–End Innovation blog and presenter on the SingularityU podcast Inspire For Five. Her depth of knowledge and engaging style have made her a popular presenter at major conferences including SingularityU Australia Summit, Vivid Ideas, Creative Innovation and most recently at the Inspiring Women Leaders Digital Conference in Madrid. Christina is an active supporter and advocate for several innovation committees, produces the annual Hunter Innovation Festival, and lectures in Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 
A self–confessed lifelong learner, Christina is currently undertaking doctorate studies in Creativity and Innovation.
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