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Alison Campbell Rate - Speakers - The Good Summit
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Alison Campbell Rate

Honorary Executive Director, Open Doors Counselling and Educational Services

Alison is Honorary Executive Director of Open Doors Counselling and Educational Services, a not for profit, registered charity based in Ringwood.

Open Doors was established in 1984 as an independent, ecumenical outreach to provide low cost crisis counselling services for pregnancy, pregnancy loss (including post–abortion grief) and related issues. The education arm was developed to resource schools and families with value–based sex education and resilience programs.

Alison has been involved with Open Doors since 1987 in roles ranging from directing educational services for schools to managing communications, and special projects. These include co–authoring and producing a range of multimedia life–skills, resilience and sex education resources which have been used in half the schools in Australia and in 15 other countries.

Her current focus is furthering the outreach of the organisation’s unique counselling service to post abortive women, men and couples who commonly suffer in silence from this little understood, highly politicised and taboo form of pregnancy loss.


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