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About - The Good Summit
Watch TGS 2020
Watch TGS 2020

Good habits mean good business.

Join us in Melbourne on 18 July as The Good Summit celebrates the Art of Possible by inviting connections and nurturing networks that motivate us toward a better shared today. Our areas of conversation and sharing will be around Technology, Leadership, Community, Politics, Work, Health, Mental Health, Social Enterprise, Climate and Arts – all for Good.the event provides a  time for sharing and learning, striving and trying.

Taking place in Pilgrim College, Parkville, (top end of Melbourne Uni) we will bring you a space for dialogue that motivates those who might feel disengaged and disenchanted with how the world works, offering a platform for solidarity, with new ideas and empowerment.

From global corporate syndicates to local government, NGOs, charities, SMEs, NFPs, social entrepreneurs and social activists. The Good Summit is an event that inspires and fuels the small movements already taking place around the globe. It is a metaphorical raincloud to help cultivate the ground where change is already taking place.

You will go home from The Good Summit raised up, challenged and inspired.



“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” Steve Jobs


Join The Good Summit team as we work together to bring The Good Summit to Melbourne, Australia. There are lots of opportunities to get involved, just click here to apply. 

And the journey toward The Good Summit was born.

Somewhere in the historic annals of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, c.2014, a bright young energetic and enigmatic Amr Dawood burst through the door of the Methodist Chaplain, the older, almost as energetic, and possibly more enigmatic Julian (Jools) Hamilton. He came in as a leader in the Trinity Muslim society asking the Christian chaplain for help with a charity auction during Ramadan. An immediate friendship was born that crossed perceived barriers of race, religion, ethnicity and age, and led them to a deep appreciation and respect for each other.

Their friendship was strengthened when after the horrific attacks in Paris 2015, Amr & Jools were invited by the Students Union of Trinity to jointly address a peace vigil in the vast front square. In front of over 500 students holding candles to disperse the darkness in the creeping winter, they jointly called on people to remember victims and overcome the darkness. Together they called for a better world.

After that evening was over, Jools and Amr conspired dreams of a better world, and then decided they had no choice – they had a responsibility to make positive change real.  

And The Good Summit was born.

Amr & Jools passionately believe that change is possible, and that humanity can do better. Goodness is not an automatic response, it takes work, it takes effort, it takes partnership and sweat … but it is worth it. 

Together they spawned the dream and invited others – much more experienced than them – to join the adventure of getting people together who wanted to see the world work differently. The arenas of social enterprise and corporate responsibility provide the natural realms where people can be inspired to think and act differently – and the dream of The Good Summit, is that in small ways, you can form habits and working practices that help to make this world a more just and fair place for us all.

After a first event in 2018 in Dublin, Ireland Amr & Jools they knew there were more people around the world cared about doing things differently – and friends in Australia listened in, caught the dream, added their passion …and the The Good Summit Australia was born!

Getting here & where to stay in Melbourne

Melbourne Airport is located north, west of the city. There are regular buses to the city centre or it is just a short trip in a taxi.

If you would like recommendation on where to stay, please contact us. Click here to see a map of Melbourne & find our venue.

The venue is walkable from city centre or a 5 minute taxi ride. There is also public transport (trams) that passes the venue.

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